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If you suspect you have a hidden water leak inside your home, call Imperial Plumbing Services at (520) 222-7665. We guarantee our lead detection specialist will find the problem and give options to find a solution quickly and efficiently.
Unnoticed water leaks can cause significant damage to your home and belongings. The water can weaken the foundation of your home, ruin furniture, and cause warping in floors and walls. Additionally, the dampness can lead to the growth of harmful mold and bacteria. While some leaks are easy to spot, smaller leaks can be more difficult to detect and may go unnoticed until they cause visible damage.
Additionally, leaks in underground pipes or pipes under slabs can be hidden and may only be discovered when water begins to pool in your yard. If you suspect you have a hidden water leak, contact the professionals at Imperial Plumbing Services for assistance. Our team specializes in fast and accurate water line repair and replacement in Tucson, AZ and surrounding areas. Don’t hesitate, call us now at (520) 222-7665 to schedule an appointment with our skilled local plumbers.

Get Accurate & In-depth Water Leak Detection & Repair Solutions

If you are in need of reliable water leak detection and repair services in Tucson, AZ and surrounding areas, look no further than Imperial Plumbing Services. Our team of highly trained and experienced specialists have been solving tough water leak issues for over a decade. We understand that slab leaks and underground leaks can be particularly difficult to detect and can pose a threat to your home. That’s why we are dedicated to responding quickly to any water leak calls in our service areas. We utilize modern tools and equipment to efficiently locate and repair hidden water leaks. Don’t hesitate to contact us now at (520) 222-7665 to speak with our water leak detection specialists near you.

Frequently Asked Questions about Water Lines

How do you tell if a pipe is leaking in a wall?
It is important to call the leak repair specialists at Imperial Plumbing Services if you notice any of the following early warning signs of a hidden water leak:
What causes a broken water line?
If rust and corrosion accumulate in your pipes, it can restrict the flow of water and increase the pressure within the pipes. This increased pressure can eventually cause the pipes to crack. Additionally, tree roots can grow into pipes and cause clogs or damage, which can also lead to leaks or breaks.
Should I replace my pipes with PEX or copper?
PEX pipes are a popular choice for plumbing due to their ease of installation, lower cost, and flexibility. However, copper pipes are typically stronger and have a longer lifespan. PEX pipes are best suited for indoor use, as they can degrade quickly when exposed to direct sunlight. Despite this limitation, PEX pipes can be a good choice if you want to reduce the risk of leaks and lower energy consumption.

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If you are experiencing a water leak in Tucson, AZ and nearby cities, call Imperial Plumbing Services for help. We provide reliable and affordable plumbing solutions to Tucson, AZ and its surrounding areas. Give us a call now at (520) 222-7665 to book an appointment with our water leak detection specialists.

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